The Art Of Fearless Intimacy



The Art Of Fearless Intimacy


a 3-day Deep Dive into the Art of Loving Fearlessly

Friday November 3rd to Sunday November 5th 2017

FlowSpace // 6315 Doyle Street, Emeryville, CA 94608 

I was able to shift something in one evening with John & Kendra that I have been working on for YEARS! This is life-changing.
— Harry P
The intimacy workshop we did with you & John was more useful than 100 counseling sessions and 200 fights.
— Sarah C
The pure magic of love... uncovering our deepest fears and shining our brightest light. This workshop was a chance, an opening, to start my story.... and open my heart.

Life is a wonderful dance of inner energy and vulnerability that only the depths of Lazarus can reveal. Thank you John and Kendra for inspiring us all, for holding such a sacred space, and for evoking such deep love, connection, pain and light.

Magic happened and is happening now ... Soul dancing mixed with spice!
— Joanne Balfour Scott, AFI London 2017

In this 3-day Immersion

In this 3-day Immersion

In this 3-day Immersion, we will teach you how to {immediately} elevate your relating in any moment, and learn to circulate love & sexual energy through your body in ways you have only dreamt of.

You will leave with embodied practices, communication tools, and we will have plenty of time for personalized, in-the-moment feedback throughout the weekend.

What if I told you that every single one of these is a skill that you can learn, and (through practice) master?

That you can absolutely create deep, satisfying, sexy relationships - that last.

For Her (or The Feminine Practice(s))

  • Learn how to communicate deep desires from a place that brings out the best in your partner
  • Learn how to run pleasure through your own body that enlivens you and bring energy to your sex and relationship
  • Learn practices that deepen sexual polarity in virtually any moment

For Him (or The Masculine Practice(s))

  • Learn how to lead your relationship powerfully from a place of deep integrity
  • Learn physical and meditative practices that make you more trustable as a partner or lover
  • Learn how to work with dark energy and do deep inner work that creates the most sublime & authentic relating
I have just completed the Art of Fearless Intimacy with Kendra and John and cannot reccomend it highly enough. I went to a Krishnamurti school so have been doing this sort of work my whole life. I have been to countless workshops at Teotehucan in Mexico, at Esalen, in Glastonbury and all the sacred sights there, in Greece, etc, etc, etc and this was hands down the best workshop I have ever been to.
— Robin H

create deep, satisfying, sexy relationships

create deep, satisfying, sexy relationships

In this workshop we will be practicing the art of offering your heart in any moment, in a way that not only feels deeply authentic, but also creates more passion & intimacy between you & your lover{s}.

This will be a no-holds-barred intensive where no question is off-limits, and where you will have plenty of time {in a safe space} to practice - in the moment:

  • Sharing vulnerably, in a way that creates more connection & turn-on
  • Asking for what you want
  • Exploring Taboo topics
  • Creating powerful attraction
  • Offering love in the way{s} your partner can actually receive it
  • And more!