by John Wineland

I took my Six month men's intensive out on a Full Moon hike Saturday night with my good friend and Wolf Connection founder, Teo Alfero. There were 14 men and three particularly aggressive, out on a pretty intense hike.. The lessons were subtle and profound. Here is what I learned.


1. When a wolf wants something, there is no apology and no hesitation. It is beautiful, fierce and claiming.....and he wont' give it up easily. There is only"mine". And while we can't run around grabbing what we want out of peoples hands, we certainly can employ the same fierceness and uncompromising claim around what we really want.

2. When faced with an agitated killer a few feet can neither run nor challenge. The only strategy that works is presence, breath and relaxation. I found the immediate analogy to what causes "fight or flight" in our daily lives.....rejection, failure, confrontation!! The way to handle these faux death challenges is exactly like with the wolves. Stay, open, breath. relax!!