Have You Met Your Shadow?

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
— Carl Jung

Part of being human is having shadows. These are the parts of us that we repress, deny or avoid; the parts that are, for example, needy, critical, vampiric, destructive, etc. In this 7-minute video from the Embodied Women’s Relationship Immersion Live Session in Santa Monica CA in April 2018, John describes his approach to shadow work, as inspired by the work of Carl Jung and Ken Wilbur.

You’ll learn how you can:

Find freedom by embodying these parts of you

Integrate these parts into the whole that is you

Discover ways to bring the gifts of these parts to your relationships, your sex, and to the world at large

If you don’t integrate your shadows as allies, they will find a way to infiltrate your relating in toxic ways. But if you embody and integrate them from a place of true revealing and compassion, then you are tapping into deep gifts within yourself that, when shared with the world, can have a surprising and profound impact.