What it Means to Become A Leader of Men

I wrote these 11 Precepts for my 2018 Embodied Men's Leadership Training program. They form the backbone of the unending work of men dedicated to conscious and embodied leadership. I suggest that you print them out and keep them someplace where you can see them so that you always know you can return to them if ever you feel off-track or out of balance.

The 11 Precepts of Warrior Training

The Warrior is ruthlessly honest with himself while being kind to others

The Warrior cultivates impeccability in his presence, his environment, his way of being and his way in the world

The Warrior prioritizes the creation of an unshakable tether to consciousness, stillness and depth

The Warrior is committed to feeling deeply, rather than numbing or succumbing to comfort or addiction

The Warrior takes 100% responsibility for the reality he has created—seeking what needs to be changed in him before blaming others

The Warrior is committed to developing strength of the mind, physical body and nervous system through dedicated physical, yogic and meditative practice

The Warrior consciously practices the cultivation of wonder and awe

The Warrior honors and protects the feminine, both in himself, in women and children, and in the world

The Warrior is always deepening, always a student—seeking other men and teachers who will slay his ego and sharpen his consciousness

The Warrior is continuously refining his deepest purpose through dedicated time in solitude and in the company of other men

The Warrior makes death an ally, using it to sharpen his present actions, future plans and current state of being