Leading from the Core of your Feminine Essence

In this short video from the April 2018 Embodied Women's Weekend Intensive in Santa Monica, CA, John describes how to lead from your feminine heart: to "rest as love," which is what you are in your deepest essence, and then to feel what love could do to enliven any moment in yourself, your partner, and in any relationship. 

You'll also learn:


It's a deep meditative practice to feel into the truth of your heart, moment-by-moment, and respond from that place with love. Then to ask yourself, "What does love want?" in each moment is leading from the feminine core of who you are.

  • Even if your desires are coming from love, other things will poison the moment, which your partners can feel and will respond to.
  • There is never enough generosity. It is always on each one of us to give more than we want to give. Women sometimes confuse this with, "I must be sweet, loving and devotional." That may be true, but not always. Sometimes it's, "If you want my heart, this is what I need from you," or "I'm feeling sad and frustrated. Can I share with you what my desires are?" Or I am enraged, and I fucking love you."
  • Most of the time we want something from our our partners, it is coming from unconscious childhood programming - i.e. I'm not going to be safe; I'm going to be abandoned - and until we are conscious of how that's showing up, all of our efforts are tainted with that message. If you believe you've "tried everything" and still, nothing has shifted, this is often the reason why.