How to Lead Your Relationship from the Essential Masculine

In this short video from the April 2018 Embodied Men's Weekend Intensive at Wolf Connection in Palmdale, CA, John describes a way to lead your relationship by relaxing into the space of your Core Essential Masculine, which opens the possibility of freeing and inspiring your feminine partner. You'll learn how this is different than imposing leadership or forcing structure, which often brings resistance and closure from the feminine. 

You'll also learn:

  • Real life examples of ways to bring structure to the feminine in all of your relationships, including in your work, your family, and your intimate partnerships
  • Why and how masculine leadership can be a gift to the feminine in the post-feminist landscape
  • What is the Essential Masculine Practice, why it is important for cultivating the truest, purest form of masculine leadership, and how you can bring it to your relationships 
  • A simple and specific communication structure for bringing plans and ideas to the feminine in your life that has the potential to inspire them and invite them to respond from their deepest hearts