Honoring a Man's Feminine by Understanding his Emotions

In this 8-minute video from the April 2018 Embodied Women’s Weekend Intensive, John describes ways in which women can encourage men to reveal their emotions while honoring their masculine essence. He also sheds light on why most men in modern society lose touch with their own feminine.


There are no modern day initiation rituals in the West that teach men to stay open in the face of discomfort

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between a man with a feminine essence versus a man with a masculine essence and with what David Deida would describe as a “feminine shell;” and how “feminine shells” can be formed in childhood

  • How a woman can help bolster her man’s masculine essence while also creating loving space for his feminine

  • Why most men don’t have the capacity to celebrate their own feminine and express their feelings in a healthy way

  • The modern relationship is more of a dance between the masculine and the feminine than when the roles were more toxic and stereotypical

  • Given that most men don’t know how to drop into their deepest emotion and express it fully, it’s incumbent upon women to be present and encouraging, rather than judge men’s feminine as “the enemy”