How a Man Can Hold and Express his Own Feminine in Service of Love

In this short video from the 2018 Art of Fearless Intimacy intensive at FlowSpace in Emeryville, CA, John and Kendra speak directly to how a man can hold and express his own feminine heart.


You’ll learn:

  • It’s important for a man to own when he feels wild, needy, jealous, angry, etc. without shutting down or over-indulging.

  • Why it is important for a man to kindly and lovingly create containers for his own feminine—and how it serves his relationships.

  • Tools for a man to help his partner feel comfortable with the expression of his feelings, like pairing down his emotional expression into 1-2 sentences.

Men, holding your heart and your feelings through the integrity of your own masculine body is you loving your own feminine, which will allow you to show up more powerfully for the feminine in your life to give her a safe place to fully express the truth of her heart.