You Can't Magnetize What You Need if You're Not Owning It

In this 2-minute video from the November 2018 Art of Fearless Intimacy intensive in Santa Monica, CA, John and Kendra speak to why it is important to let your freak flag fly!

You’ll learn:

  • You can’t magnetize what you need from a romantic partner if you’re not owning it and transmitting it into the world.

  • It is important to get clear with yourself about what nourishes you and lights up your nervous system in the perfect way for you!

  • The things that you think are vital in a relationship might not be the things that actually matter most to you - so it’s important to look to the things that you consider taboo, shameful or unloveable as doorways into your deepest (darkest!) desires - whether a rough and sexy tussle, a bent-over-the-knee spanking, a devotional submission, a ravished surrender, or a fierce command - and then own them.

  • A partner who can meet those desires with an open heart will nourish you in the deepest way.