Love is the Antidote to Closure

In this video from the 2018 Embodied Men’s Leadership Training retreat in the Panamint Valley, CA desert, John describes how you can free your own feminine when you’re experiencing addictive behavior.

You’ll learn:

  • Addiction is your feminine hijacking your masculine plan.

  • Your masculine must recognize your feminine before the derailment happens.

  • Your feminine in these situations shows up as an emotional trigger - feeling stressed, scared, exhausted etc. Most masculine beings will plow right through that.

  • Your ignored feminine will get destructive and co-opt what your masculine wants for your life.

  • Addictive behavior is your toxic masculine desire for freedom from that stress.

  • You can, instead, come from the part of you that is unchanging, infinite and conscious, and open your awareness so that you can ‘husband’ your own feminine.

  • Your masculine gift to your feminine is freedom of your own heart.

  • If you develop enough awareness to notice what’s happening before you get derailed by your own feminine, anytime you notice yourself collapsing, you can ask yourself, “Who can I love?” The antidote to closure is always blasting out love.

  • How you love is your art, so begin by making a list of 20 things that can be your ‘go to’ list when you need to blast out love.

This is about developing the depth of your own awareness to know your own body mind so fully that you can see and feel when your feminine is derailing your intention. This elevated attunement, contrary action, and freedom of your own feminine will relax and open your partner, and create more trust in your relationship and the world around you.