Masculine and Feminine Transmission is Not Gender Specific

In this video from the February 2019 Spiritual Intimacy and Yogic Sexuality workshop at the DEN Meditation Center in Los Angeles, John, with the help of Assistants Nicholette and Blake, gives a real time demonstration of how transmitting masculine and feminine energy is not specific to gender.

You'll learn:

  • To transmit masculine consciousness, ground your body, feel the earth through the soles of your feet, become heavy in your lower body, breathe deeply into your lower body, and feel the space where consciousness is infinite inside of you. This energy is trustable.

  • To bring more texture to a masculine moment, you can, for example, feel the part of you that can love your partner fiercely and then penetrate them with that energy through your eyes. Our you could claim your partner's heart by pulling them close with the energy of "You're mine."

  • To transmit feminine energy, you can feel the ocean in your hips, pleasure in your body, touch a part of your body in a way that feels good, move love through your fingers, feel a yearning in your heart to be ravished or led, and feel the part of you that would want to surrender to a trustable partner.

  • To bring more texture to a feminine moment, be responsive, and reveal the pleasure in your body and yearning in your heart.

Regardless of whether you are all feminine at your core, all masculine at your core, or fluid between both, you can learn how to conduct love through your body, or transmit consciousness, in service of deepening any moment.