Intimacy as the Deepest Yoga

In this video from the August 2018 Art of Fearless Intimacy intensive in Boulder, John and Kendra describe how moving sexual energy through your body can heal and open places of trauma and closure in your body more than anything else can.

You’ll learn:

  • It’s beautiful and natural to feel and express deep emotion when opening sexually.

  • Yogic sexuality at its deepest level is a tremendously healing practice. Sex then becomes more than ‘getting off,’ giving or getting what you need, finding the right partner, etc.

  • John’s teacher David Deida refers to anything that gets stuck in your body, such as trauma, unexpressed emotion, and closure, as a ‘kink.’

  • You can undo the kink by taking the parts of you that are closed, wounded, scared, grieving, panicking etc. and then moving sexual energy through them.

  • Trauma, closure, tension and pain is stored in the deepest muscles and organs down the central column of your body, including your genitals.

  • That central column is the exact same channel that we run sexual energy through.

Therefore, being wide open in sex and witnessed in love heals and opens those ‘kinked’ places more than working on the body, doing yoga, going to therapy, etc. because sexual energy hits the channels nothing else can hit, unlocking deep pain and moving the kinked energy through your body.