You Don't Want to Try to Salsa Dance with a Broken Leg: The Therapeutic, Spiritual and Yogic Approaches to Healing Sexual Trauma


In this short video from the February 2019 Art of Loving Fiercely intensive in Santa Monica, CA, John describes three approaches to healing deep sexual trauma and abuse inspired by his teacher David Deida’s framework: the therapeutic, spiritual and yogic approaches.

You’ll learn:

  • The therapeutic approach, through individual and/or group therapy with a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, helps to unwind the trauma.

  • The spiritual approach invokes your Essential Masculine, the part of you that witnesses your trauma as pure consciousness, to pour love onto the part of you that is traumatized.

  • The yogic approach involves practicing in such a way that you honor your body and nervous system’s edge. Imagine yourself a salsa dancer with a broken leg - how might you move and make art with the limitation that you’re carrying, rather than make it wrong.

All three approaches in combination open possibilities for deep healing and freedom around stored trauma and abuse in your body.