Her Complaint is More About the Quality Than the Quantity of Your Presence

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In this short video from the July 2018 Embodied Men’s Leadership Intensive in Amsterdam, John speaks to what’s underneath your feminine partner’s complaint about your lack of ‘presence,’ and ways in which you can create more integrity and trust in your relationship.

You’ll learn:

  • Her complaint is more about the quality of your presence than the quantity of it.

  • For a masculine being who is on purpose, you owning your purpose and then creating the space to show up and love your feminine partner deeply & ravish her heart open a few days each week, is more trustable than being half present every day of the week.

  • Most masculine partners won’t risk showing up in this way because they’re afraid they’ll lose love.

  • If the feminine isn’t receiving enough deep quality presence, she will feel malnourished and may become angry and resentful.

  • If your relationship is primarily long distance, rather than show up to a Skype call and ask her how her day was, create practice dates, in which you powerfully own and command her for one hour, or create structures for each sharing “5 Things I’m Missing About You,” “What I’m Grateful For About You,” “What I Love and Appreciate About You” etc.

Whether you see her in-person a few days a week, or on Skype, get clear about when you can really be there for her and then give her your best practice. Bringing consistency and integrity around when you can and cannot show up fully to your feminine partner will make you more trustable and will create a more sustainable relationship.