Your Deepest Emotion is The Feminine Compass that evokes Masculine Leadership


In this video from the 2019 Embodied Women’s Weekend Intensive in Santa Monica, John illustrates your responsibility as a feminine partner to reveal the moment-by-moment truth of your heart when you desire to evoke masculine leadership from your partner.

By revealing your heart’s truth, you will get to experience the satisfaction of embodying your true feminine essence, AND shed the role of the masculine in service of a polarized dynamic. this will deepen your connection, evoke embodied leadership in your partner, and spark passion in your relationship.

You’ll also learn:

  • While most women with a feminine essence must invoke their own masculine in order to lead in their careers and families, they feel fear, anxiety, and exhaustion when it comes to leading their relationship.

  • The primary emotion, as described by David Deida, is the feminine’s first response in a moment of relationship

  • It is important for you, as a feminine partner, to connect to the primary emotion as it moves through your body because it is the compass for the feminine. For the masculine, it is the “weather report.” It is the way for the masculine partner to know your heart’s deepest truth.

  • Artfully revealing the moment-by-moment primary emotion through your body will often evoke leadership from your masculine partner. You can do this by expressing the primary emotion with an open heart and very few words.

  • Your partner may not take the lead right away, especially if you have been habitually taking the lead in your relationship over time, so you may need to keep expressing the primary emotion to him until he does. For example, expressing anxiety that he is not in the lead, and then frustration when he doesn’t take the lead after you initially express your anxiety, etc.

  • Once your partner takes the lead, reveal your joy, gratitude and delight with as much energy as your frustration, anxiety and exhaustion. He will learn through your heart how important this is for you.