Being With The Feelings Underneath


In this video from the May 2019 Embodied Men's Leadership Intensive in Mount Shasta, John describes one way to access the feelings that might lie beneath a charged emotion, like anger.

You'll learn:

  • The way to be with your feelings when you feel stuck or consumed by them is to be with them gently and consistently, in the same way a massage therapist might work a knot

  • There is an edge to expressing challenging emotions, so it is important to find that spot, that edge, and hang out, without overdoing it or blowing through it

  • Sometimes anger or rage is a gateway, or shield, to deeper emotions, which may feel difficult to access at first

  • If you stay with an edge long enough, you can begin to explore, with that same gentle touch, what is beneath your rage

"At some point, the anger will turn to anguish."

See if you can then be with that deeper emotion, whether anguish, grief, terror, self-loathing etc, as it moves through you, with, as Chogyam Trungpa describes, "unconditional friendliness."