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How to Lead Your Relationship from the Essential Masculine

In this short video from the April 2018 Embodied Men's Weekend Intensive at Wolf Connection in Palmdale, CA, John describes a way to lead to your relationship by relaxing into the space of your Core Essential Masculine, which opens the possibility of freeing and inspiring your feminine partner.

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What the Fuck is Non-Verbal Consent?

In the wake of the #metoo movement, men are becoming more aware of the prevalence of trauma that has affected women throughout the world. Because of this, they are confused. On one hand they can intuit that women crave their boldness and confidence sexually. They have heard that a romantic partner wants to be taken, claimed and deeply ravished. But they are also painfully aware in today’s world that attempting that without her consent is immoral, abusive and downright illegal.

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The Arc of Masculine Spiritual Development

I wrote this as the introduction to my book to be released this year. It captures everything in my heart I want every man to hear - from the guy in front of me at the check-out line, to the brother who pulls me aside at a workshop with tears streaming down his face, begging me to save his marriage. It’s honestly what I’ve needed to hear again and again throughout my life. This piece was published by Mind, Body, Green on April 3, 2018 in an article called “What Does Masculine Spiritual Development Look Like?” To me, it is simply an ode to my brothers.

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What it Means to Become A Leader of Men

I wrote these 11 Precepts for my 2018 Embodied Men's Leadership Training program. They form the backbone of the unending work of men dedicated to conscious and embodied leadership. I suggest that you print them out and keep them someplace where you can see them so that you always know you can return to them if ever you feel off-track or out of balance.

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The 1000 Pin Pricks of Abdicated Leadership

Most men don't truly grasp the impact of poor leadership on a woman's body, nervous system and heart. Whether you are buckling under the stresses of modern life or playing the good guy, you starve her of the confident, trustable, playful masculine leadership she craves.

My teacher said it is like a "pin prick" every time we are unconscious or unfeeling to her heart. Added up over the years, it can turn gangrene. She wants to be led into a deeper experience of her own heart. And she wants you to lead her there.

Read more in this writing sample from the book I'll be releasing this fall: The Art of Masculine Leadership.

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