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You Don't Want to Try to Salsa Dance with a Broken Leg: The Therapeutic, Spiritual and Yogic Approaches to Healing Sexual Trauma

In this short video from the February 2019 Art of Loving Fiercely intensive in Santa Monica, CA, John describes three approaches to healing deep sexual trauma and abuse inspired by his teacher David Deida’s framework: the therapeutic, spiritual and yogic approaches.

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Masculine and Feminine Transmission is Not Gender Specific

In this video from the February 2019 Spiritual Intimacy and Yogic Sexuality workshop at the DEN Meditation Center in Los Angeles, John, with the help of Assistants Nicholette and Blake, gives a real time demonstration of how transmitting masculine and feminine energy is not specific to gender.

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Bringing Pleasure to Inspire Deep Intimacy

‘She who must be touchable’ has pleasure in her body and yearning in her heart. In this 7-minute video from The Art of Fearless Intimacy workshop in Boulder CO, John and Kendra Cunov explore ways that the feminine can inspire deep intimacy from her masculine partner through her own practice, beginning with this exploration: How much pleasure can you feel in your body right now?

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