Posts in for the feminine
Bringing Pleasure to Inspire Deep Intimacy

‘She who must be touchable’ has pleasure in her body and yearning in her heart. In this 7-minute video from The Art of Fearless Intimacy workshop in Boulder CO, John and Kendra Cunov explore ways that the feminine can inspire deep intimacy from her masculine partner through her own practice, beginning with this exploration: How much pleasure can you feel in your body right now?

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Honoring a Man's Feminine by Understanding his Emotions

In this 8-minute video from the April 2018 Embodied Women’s Weekend Intensive, John describes ways in which women can celebrate the feminine in their masculine partners by encouraging them to reveal their deepest emotion in any moment. He also sheds light on why most men in modern society lose touch with their own feminine.

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Leading from the Core of your Feminine Essence

In this short video from the April 2018 Embodied Women's Weekend Intensive in Santa Monica, CA, John describes how to lead from your feminine heart: to "rest as love," which is what you are in your deepest essence, and then to feel what love could do to enliven any moment in yourself, your partner, and in any relationship.

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We are Always Evoking From our Partners

In this 4-minute video from the November 2017 The Art of Fearless Intimacy intensive in Berkeley, CA, John and Kendra demonstrate a practice for expressing pain and anger that will bring more connection and intimacy to your relationship.

The masculine and feminine are transmitting and evoking from each other all the time. If the feminine withholds the truth of her heart, the masculine response will be distance. If the masculine doesn't hold a trustworthy container, it will cause the feminine to hold her breath. If she doesn't reveal the pain of being dropped by her partner, she will evoke his distance.

Here you'll learn how to artfully use playful forms of expression, like the "sacred temper tantrum," to break this dynamic and draw something different and more alive from your partner.

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