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Her Complaint is More About the Quality Than the Quantity of Your Presence

In this short video from the July 2018 Embodied Men’s Leadership Intensive in Amsterdam, John speaks to what’s underneath your feminine partner’s complaint about your lack of ‘presence,’ and ways in which you can create more integrity and trust in your relationship.

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It’s Time to Take Responsibility for the Sins of Other Men

I believe we have reached a time in romantic relationships where we, as men who endeavor to lead our relationships with more integrity, depth, and love than ever before, have a choice. We can continue to go on eschewing the sins of our fathers, our privilege (especially as white males), our numbness, our lack of embodied presence, our addictions to comfort, and our emotional indulgences. Or we can take 100% responsibility for what males, as by-and-large the controlling gender since the dawn of humanity, have allowed to take hold of on the planet.

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