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Protect Intimacy by Being Meticulous with Your Energy Around Others

One of the silent killers of devotional and inspired intimacy is the leakage of energy outside the container of the relationship. To truly understand how damaging this can be, let’s start with this assumption: our lovers feel everything we do. Maybe not enough to know exactly what you said to your best friend over lunch or to that acquaintance in a social media message, but they feel more than most people comprehend. They feel the leakage of energy. Everything we do—and I do mean everything—creates a ripple of energy that our intimate partners can feel.

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Bringing Pleasure to Inspire Deep Intimacy

‘She who must be touchable’ has pleasure in her body and yearning in her heart. In this 7-minute video from The Art of Fearless Intimacy workshop in Boulder CO, John and Kendra Cunov explore ways that the feminine can inspire deep intimacy from her masculine partner through her own practice, beginning with this exploration: How much pleasure can you feel in your body right now?

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The Power of (Ridiculous) Generosity

Generosity is the foundational principle of spiritual intimacy and yet, the predominant problem in relationships today is the pernicious and often self-justified lack of unconditional giving. Most couples I see are downright stingy. We are stingy with our adoration, our praise, the perfect sexual gifting, our attention, our truths, our vulnerabilities, and most importantly, our worship. It is easy for us to open and love when our partners are pleasing; when they are giving us what we think we want. But true spiritual practice requires us to love when there is no guarantee of reciprocity, to trust when we are scared shitless to reveal our tender heart, and to lead when we are exhausted and disheartened.

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