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Protect Intimacy by Being Meticulous with Your Energy Around Others

One of the silent killers of devotional and inspired intimacy is the leakage of energy outside the container of the relationship. To truly understand how damaging this can be, let’s start with this assumption: our lovers feel everything we do. Maybe not enough to know exactly what you said to your best friend over lunch or to that acquaintance in a social media message, but they feel more than most people comprehend. They feel the leakage of energy. Everything we do—and I do mean everything—creates a ripple of energy that our intimate partners can feel.

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Your Heart Is His Oracle

In this interactive Q+A at the Spiritual Intimacy and Yogic Sexuality retreat, at the Lumeria Maui Resort in September 2017, John and Guru Jagat dig into why a woman's authenticity and moment to moment heartfelt expression, are keys to calling the man back to his highest self. You'll hear real-world examples of how this plays out in relationships, including:

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