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The Power of (Ridiculous) Generosity

Generosity is the foundational principle of spiritual intimacy and yet, the predominant problem in relationships today is the pernicious and often self-justified lack of unconditional giving. Most couples I see are downright stingy. We are stingy with our adoration, our praise, the perfect sexual gifting, our attention, our truths, our vulnerabilities, and most importantly, our worship. It is easy for us to open and love when our partners are pleasing; when they are giving us what we think we want. But true spiritual practice requires us to love when there is no guarantee of reciprocity, to trust when we are scared shitless to reveal our tender heart, and to lead when we are exhausted and disheartened.

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Ways of Being That Evoke the Best in Your Partner

In this 5 minute video, John and Guru Jagat talk about how subtle shifts in perspective can relax, support and really serve your partner. This may require giving up the need to be right and seeing their greatest possibility (rather than what they don't do or where they fall short).

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Virtually everyone wants more intimacy!  Questions I am asked by men and women constantly are, “How can I connect with my woman/man ANYTIME??  How do we stay connected?  And how can I create connection when we are distant or mad at each other?”  And the truth is people over complicate this.  What most don’t know is that there are some very simple awareness practices that can create

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