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The 1000 Pin Pricks of Abdicated Leadership

Most men don't truly grasp the impact of poor leadership on a woman's body, nervous system and heart. Whether you are buckling under the stresses of modern life or playing the good guy, you starve her of the confident, trustable, playful masculine leadership she craves.

My teacher said it is like a "pin prick" every time we are unconscious or unfeeling to her heart. Added up over the years, it can turn gangrene. She wants to be led into a deeper experience of her own heart. And she wants you to lead her there.

Read more in this writing sample from the book I'll be releasing this fall: The Art of Masculine Leadership.

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A number of men show up on my doorstep, somewhat confused and sad as to why they are hitting a wall in their marriages or long term relationships.  The common refrain is something like “I don’t understand what is going on.  I do everything to take care of her and our family and yet she is still unsatisfied and unhappy.” 

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