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You Don't Want to Try to Salsa Dance with a Broken Leg: The Therapeutic, Spiritual and Yogic Approaches to Healing Sexual Trauma

In this short video from the February 2019 Art of Loving Fiercely intensive in Santa Monica, CA, John describes three approaches to healing deep sexual trauma and abuse inspired by his teacher David Deida’s framework: the therapeutic, spiritual and yogic approaches.

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What is Yogic Sexuality?

"Why didn't someone teach me this years ago,?" is something I will often hear often in workshops I teach. I never quite know how to describe what I do. There is no elevator pitch.  So when Mind Body Green asked me to write an article on yogic sexuality, it felt good to sit down and articulate the work I try to embody and present. Much of this work was pioneered in the last 20 years by my teacher, David Deida, but most still have no idea what Yogic Sexuality is.  

I believe sexual yoga is the best-kept health and wellness secret on the planet. And it isn't just about sex! Part science, part mindfulness practice, part performance art, sexual yoga opens your capacity to be more available to your partner, to your own heart, to the world and to the divine (whatever you want to call the divine.) In this article featured in Mind Body Green on March 16, 2018, I dive deeply into what exactly yogic sexuality is and how it will change your life.

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