Introduction with John Wineland

John covers the motivation and scope of the series, who it is for and how to use it for optimal results. The three parts of this series have been broken into 7 weeks of practice with Part 1: Breath and Embodiment in Weeks 1-3, Part 2: Clarifying Your Deepest Purpose in Weeks 4-5, and Part 3: Relational Practice in Weeks 6-7. John will suggest specific regimens of practice for each week.

Intro Exercise: Leadership Inventory

This Art of Masculine Leadership Inventory was created on the premise that the most powerful place to come from in life or in relationships is, "I am 100% responsible for what I have created or allowed." From this place, a man can completely reset his relationship on a pat of his choosing. The first step, however, is a painstaking and ruthlessly honest appraisal of how you've been showing up in your relationships.

These are the areas in which most men have unconscious or unacknowledged deficiencies. They are broken down into categories most pertinent to leading yourself and the feminine in your life to be the most trustable partner you can be. Make a painstakingly honest assessment of yourself and give yourself a score of 1-12 in each category.