There are two practice videos for this week: “Practice for Opening Hips” and “Dynamic Meditation for Legs and Chest.” These simple practices serve the key areas where men have closures: opening the hips, strengthening the legs, and opening the chest. Freeing these areas of closure will connect you to your breath and allow you to be more rooted in the present moment.

Do both of these practices every day during Week 1.


Week 1, Video 1: Practice for Opening Hips

In this session, you’ll learn the two most important ways to get out of your head and into your body: breath and dropping into your lower body. It’s important as men to open the hips - tight hips affect how we breathe, how we sex and how we show up in the world - so to become more embodied, we start with the hips. This practice will show you how to open your hips while breathing into your belly.


Week 1, Video 2: A Dynamic Meditation For Legs and Chest

Our bodies collapse into our pain. This dynamic meditation is designed to open your body and train your nervous system to handle discomfort, so you can feel more relaxed and present no matter what happens.