This week includes three practice videos: “Breath Practice for Stilling the Mind,” “Breath Practice for Capacity, Stillness and Strength,” and “Russian Breath Practice.” These practices use breath and life force to still your mind and deepen your relationship to consciousness.

Do all of these practices every day in Week 2.


Week 2, Video 1: Practice for Stilling the Mind

A 6-minute breath meditation that will help to slow the mind down, bring more breath and stillness into your body, and help you to cultivate a sense of peace, presence and freedom.


Week 2, Video 2: Breath Practice for Capacity, Stillness and Strength

With this breath exercise used by mountain climbers and free divers, you will expand your breath capacity, bring more energy into the body and restore vitality and sexual health.


Week 2, Video 3: Russian Breath Practice

This simple breath practice is an easy meditation that is great for relaxed expansion of breath capacity. It was originally taught by Russian masters as a way to train warriors and athletes to develop strength and stamina without stress. It will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, centered, grounded, open and cleansed.