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Embodied Women’s Relationship Immersion



Embodied Women’s Relationship Immersion


Embodied Women’s Relationship Immersion

A 7 Month immersion Into the Art of Loving Well 

Whether you’re a woman who’s achieved massive amounts of success professionally, but wants to learn the skills to have a completely inspired and passionate relationship with the masculine , a mother seeking to find art and balance in her career, family and love-life; or a professional working in the realms of relationship and want to enhance your offerings, this program will help you create entirely new possibilities in all of your relationships.

This 7-month, embodiment driven practice group will help unwind old habits of closure, retreat and blame that have thwarted your capacity to thrive in your most intimate relationships; while revealing a way of being that honors the true essence of your heart, body and soul.  You'll emerge with a new sense of leadership, connection and power in all areas of your life. 

7 Month Program, February 2018 - August 2018, 2 calls per month, 2 hrs. per call, every call is 11 AM - 1 PM PT (one weekend intensive/workshop TBD)

Who Is This For?

  • You’re a woman who’s achieved great success in your life but want to forge a deeper intimacy with yourself, the masculine and the world.
  • Women who want to learn how to express themselves fully.
  • Women who want to learn the art of gifting from their deepest feminine essence.
  • Women who want to lead other women.
  • Professionals who teach in the realms of relationship.


What You’ll Experience

  • You’ll get a deep and concrete understanding of the masculine and feminine energies in all of us and how to use them to create art in relationship.
  • A set of embodied practices designed to connect you to your deepest feminine and give from the sacred space.
  • The understanding of how to use your own masculine in a way that is healthy & sacred in your families and out in the world.
  • How to express your deep desires in a way that inspires your partner.
  • How to evoke the very highest from the masculine, either in partnership or in the world.
All of my significant relationships (clients, business partner, family, partner) have undergone a profound transformation – they blossomed and deepened. John has helped me to evolve in my stand to love in the moments when it is the hardest thing to do! I am deeply grateful for John’s guidance as he is the person I look to for wisdom and counsel.
— Aida Mysan
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Who Is This For?

Who Is This For?

Included in this program

  • 7-months of women’s relationship and leadership training led by John Wineland
  • Exclusive, personalized, group and co-ed partner practices to deepen your knowledge and experience

  • Two in-depth weekend immersions that will take your personal practice, relationships and leadership to the next level

  • Take home tools and techniques to bring spiritual intimacy into your relationship(s)

  • Bi-monthly video calls to give and receive feedback from fellow women on your reflections and teachings

  • Private FB page to stay connected

John Wineland is a true gift to this world and to anyone who is lucky enough to work with him. If you’re willing to show up and do the brave and uncomfortable work that he so insightfully assigns, you will have no choice but to have a completely transformed open-hearted relationship full of love, connection (and sex)! He’s a fiercely loving soul who is equally masterful at acknowledging you without judgment and at the same time challenging you to rise above your habitual cycle of assuming and reacting. In only four sessions so far, it feels like my marriage has completely transformed - I feel loved, desired, heard, and satisfied in a whole new way by my husband, and I feel so much more equipped to express all of my emotions and the deep love I have for him.
— Kelly Ramon
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A Turning Point In Our History

A Turning Point In Our History

John Wineland is an extremely impactful relationship coach and can speak into a woman’s heart as well as a man’s. He is a master at explaining, using analogies and creating experiences for us to OWN our role in the relationship and create opportunity for deeper more meaningful life experiences.
— Steph Levine Martini, Transformational Business/Life Coach, Phoenix, Arizona

A Turning Point In Our History

For the first time in history, women are surpassing men in earning capacity and professional prowess. This is creating deep misunderstandings in relationships, unhappy marriages and skyrocketing divorce rates.

With the rise of the feminist movement in the 70’s and 80’s, women were taught that men and women were essentially on equal ground, but they were not taught how to thrive their career and without sacrificing their feminine power.

Women were not taught how to “have it all,” without giving something up in the process.  

The Embodied Women’s Relationship Program is a rigorous and demanding program that will require to stretch and examine yourself the deepest parts of yourself — by no means is this for the faint of heart.

Because of the deep and personal natural of this work, this program is limited to those who are ready to make immediate and impactful changes in their relationship. On this journey you'll not only transform your romantic relationships, but also your family, work and other relationships to be deeper and more meaningful.

Space is limited. Please submit an application to be considered an interview.


I have a very very deep resonance with John and completely trust him as a teacher. “When I started working with him I did not have any trustable masculine in my life, even historically. Taking the leap and fully committing to working with him has completely changed every aspect of my life and all my relationships. With my son, with intimate partners, with my girlfriends and mother. My business has just completely taken off - I have no upper limits to where my business can go and it constantly rewards me exponentially.” The time and money investment was the single best decision I have ever made. And although my one on one coaching with him is almost over (one session to go) I don’t feel complete in my work with him.
— Donna Hadjikhani


2 calls per month on Thursdays from 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 4/12 11 AM - 1 PM PT Kick-Off Call

Thursday, 4/26 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 5/10 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 5/24 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 6/14 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 6/28 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 7/5 11 AM - 1 PM PT


Thursday, 7/19 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 8/2 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 8/16 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 9/13 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 9/27 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 10/11 11 AM - 1 PM PT

Thursday, 10/25 11 AM - 1 PM PT Final Call  


Santa Monica

April 27 - 29, 2018

 Boulder, Colorado 

August 24 - 26, 2018