March 18, 2016, 6:00pm-7:00pm

This 20 hour intensive is for men who want....
To live from a profound sense of purpose that creates trust and congruence
To lead and inspire the feminine from a deep and masculine core
To live in a state of integrity and  inner strength
Feel satisfied, inspired and authentic
To step out of their comfort zone as a leader of men in the 21st Century? 

This is a call to step up if you have:
–  Lived with the nagging, pernicious feeling that you have so much more love to give and receive than you currently experience?
– Instead of artfully serving the feminine energy in your life (wife, girlfriend, lover) , you find yourself living in reaction to her moods and wants?
– Been addicted to the comforts of distraction....social media, porn, TV and other numbing agents in your life;  rather than living on the razor's edge of
deep purpose, presence, and the life you are called to create?
– Found yourself seeking the approval of others rather than driving your own destiny
regardless of what people may think?
– Experienced great success in areas of your life, but still feel unfulfilled in some unspoken and crucial way?
– Continuously fallen out of integrity, mainly with yourself, about what is most important?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions,
you’re in good company.  Every man shows up here at least once in his life!   Intervene on your own behalf and step back into the role you were meant to play:

STEP 1:  Know there’s a way to live an inspired, vibrant life
STEP 2:  Find a tribe that sharpens you as iron
STEP 3:  Dedicate yourself to practice of opening and awakening
STEP 4:  Explore your deepest purpose and create a life that inspires you
STEP 5:  Assume a role in helping others awaken to their inspired vibrant self (teach)
We did this public intensive in London last year and the connections, practices and experiences were game changers for the men who came. It’s your chance to step up in a completely supportive environment! 

We did this public intensive in London last year and the connections, practices and experiences were game changers for the men who came. It’s your chance to step up in a completely supportive environment! 
In this no-holds-barred 20-hour workshop we will: 
•  Strengthen your connection to your masculine core; 
•  Get inspired to lead your relationships powerfully;
•  Embody the qualities that women (and the world) want to follow;
•  Discover your life’s deep purpose and define the actions to take you powerfully forward;
•  Use movement, mediation, embodiment practices to create powerful presence
•  Learn to experience and project the sacred darker energies of love and sexual polarity;
•  Stretch your perceptions of love, sex, purpose and gender psychology;
•  Experiment with direct, concise, powerful feedback;
•  Explore methods and practices for launching your own Advanced Men’s Group;
•  Look at methods of fierce and loving expression;
•  Experience the breakthroughs possible by engaging in a deep lineage of men's work;
•  And re-ignite your burning thirst for a passionate life and love!!
 Join us.  Your life Will Change Forever!!
Friday March 18th-7pm - 10pm, Saturday March 19 – 10A to 8pm
Sunday March 20 – 10am to 5pm
Angelspace Studio 27 – 28 St. Albans Pl., Angel, Islington, London
Space is Limited.

Here is what participants say:
"I appreciate the candid nature in which you relate. I appreciate your commitment to saying the unsaid and challenging me to also say the unsaid. I love your commitment to integrity. I love how you show up as a father for your daughter and a man for your partner. I'm learning not only from the work we do, but from watching who you be. 
I love how you have challenged me to go places I didn't know existed. I love how you have challenged me despite being intimidated by what lies within me. I love that you have acknowledged that as well. 
I love how when I have stumbled into dark places of emotional despair, you have been there for me with your calming eye contact and your commitment to holding me and providing a transformative sense of safety. That support has been crucial in my opening.
I love how you acknowledge the transference and projection that arises in our relationship and how you handle that to serve both of us. 
I love how through a kind of noble simplicity, you are a man of the world and for the world. I love who you be and who you are - and howlittle space there is in between these.
Your skills and your insight are an undoubtable asset to men and women, who they be, what they create and how they relate. However, for me at least, your presence is worth even more than this." 
John P Morgan,
Ted Speaker and World Renowned Coach
"John’s approach is deeply integral which means I was able to go to places in my coaching with him, where other coaches would fear to tread. Because of this, I was able to build a solid foundation and structure for the living of my purpose, which, over the course of my coaching, became much clearer to me. John didn’t just help me find my purpose, but he helped me embody it into the way I walk, talk, and breathe. I highly recommend working with John. His experience as a coach and guide has been forged through a life of loving intensity and service. He is a true warrior of the human spirit."
Hugh Osborne. London UK