Whether you've reached amazing new heights or you've hit a plateau, aN IMMERSIVE training is a powerfully transformative way to energize your life

2018 trainings listed below are 6 to 9 Months in duration and are a serious commitment of time and money.  Applications are required

Others who've taken John's trainings have unearthed:

...utterly new and inspired interactions with the masculine and feminine

...reinvigorated marriages full of love, connection (and sex!)

...a completely transformed capacity to be absolutely trustable

...thriving, energized lives aligned with their deep purpose

...invaluable tools to evoke the best from their partners for years to come





THE Embodied Women’s Relationship Immersion




Practicing the art of embodiment, intimate communication and feeling awareness is at the heart of these events; And like learning any new skill, having a safe and deep environment to practice is crucial

Other’s who have taken John’s workshops have received:

….invaluable movement, meditation, and embodiment practices to create love and powerful presence in any moment

...the capacity to stay connected to their partners, even when they’re angry communication tools to clearly and directly speak their deepest desires

...experience with embracing the sacred darker energies of sexual polarity while being held in a safe container of consciousness and love

...liberation from habitual patterns of behavior rooted in deep childhood programming

...reinvigorated passion in their lives and relationships



The Embodied Women's Weekend IntensiveS

Santa Monica // New York


the art of loving fiercely

SANTA MONICA // Valentine's Day Weekend

February 14th to 17th, 2019

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one-on-one embodied, high-performance coaching with John is an intense, no-holds-barred deep dive into the unexplored potential of your life and relationships

I have had the enriching experience of working with John for several years, along with several highly acclaimed personal development coaches. John has taken his rightful place among the world’s leaders of men work and sexuality. He is a formidable coach, leader and visionary in this field.

John, and his work, are about heart and vulnerability, depth and integrity and manifesting personal power from this place. Most of all, John is about service — giving to his clients everything that they need to achieve their goals. It is a privilege to work with this man, to participate in his workshops and to be in his presence. He is an inspiration, a visionary; working with him will change your life. Dramatically.
— Stephen R. Bochner, M.D. / Executive Vice President of Kornferry

Others who have completed John’s coaching programs have received:

...deeper, more fulfilling relationships in all areas of life - clients, business partners, family, and intimate partners

…the ability to be loved, desired, heard, and satisfied by their partners in a whole new way

...inroads to clarifying and fulfilling their deepest purpose in life

...the capacity to express their full range of emotions with their partners - jealousy, anger, desire, yearning - truthfully, and be met with love

...steps to achieve and surpass their career and financial goals

...completely transformed open-hearted relationships full of love, connection (and sex!)

My three and a half years with John Wineland will not fit here with any real sense of profundity in just a paragraph or two of a testimonial. His work has expanded my consciousness, healed my heart and body, set me on an ever-evolving and meaningful life purpose and helped me to create a powerful community.
— Jamie Wollrab, Director/Producer, Los Angeles, CA