Over 30+ hours of yogic and relational practice and instruction with world renowned teachers, John Wineland and Guru Jagat


Learn how to lead your relationship powerfully from a place of deep integrity

Learn how to command and play with her in the bedroom

Learn what makes you more trustable as a husband and partner

Learn how to work with dark energy to enliven your love making and your relating

Learn how to claim your woman’s heart in a way that inspire and move her



Learn how to ask for what you want in a way that opens his heart and evokes his deepest presence, love and desire

Learn how to run pleasure through your own body that enlivens you and bring energy to your relationship

Learn to communicate your true feelings in a way that creates connection and intimacy

Learn how to use sacred feminine energy as a gift to your relationship and the world


What to Expect

Learn how to deeply nourish your lover through praise and devotion

Learn to open channels that will allow you to receive love and give love more deeply than you ever thought possible

Practice the art of intimacy, praise, devotional loving and polarity

Learn the keys and benefits to being totally embodied in love making

Get really skilled at discovering what turns your lover on and giving it to them in ways they never dreamt possible

Learn nourishing a exciting ways to connect daily with your partner

Learn how to artfully transmute each others anger and sadness in deep connection and turn on

Learn to play with the masucline and feminine polarities that power deep intimate relationships

Learn to evoke what you most deeply desire in your partner or future partners

Practice making upsets as a way to create love, trust and deep turn on