A 6 month immersive training in

the art of Relational and sexual Intimacy

with John Wineland and Kendra Cunov

May Through December 2017



“Only halfway through the Salon, and I feel I have already received my money’s worth.
I have a growing list of practices that I have used myself and that I can share with my clients to empower their love and their lives. 
I have not only participated in a live intensive that changed the way I’ll look at love forever, but I also got to see and ask questions about what goes on behind the scenes to make such magic happen. 
I’m seriously considering registering again – it’s THAT good.”

— Stephanie C, USA


“The Salon has already extended my expectations. Not only have {my husband and} I found new ways in connecting deeply and exchanging our most intimate dreams and desires- which is really wonderful after 10 years of being a quite accomplished and close couple! This also has lead to more peace in our family life and many very tender moments in our intimate life together. It feels like falling in love with each other anew. Concerning my professional life I already find myself being a much more sensitive and powerful coach the way I am relating with my clients. Being more open, vulnerable and self aware I have been able to create amazing conversations and results. ”

— Barbara M, Switzerland

Areas of Focus

 weekend Training Intensives Dates

 August 4-6th (Los Angeles)

September 15-16th, (London--Optional)

November 3-5th (San Francisco)


Sex, love & intimacy are expressed through the body.  Before you can truly connect with another, you must first be able to feel yourself - ALL of you.  Deep & consistent embodiment practice is the bedrock of intimacy.  This module is a deep dive into embodiment, specifically for relationship & deep intimacy.


Self Expression & Desire

If embodiment is the bedrock of intimacy, being able to clearly & artfully express your desires & what you want is the foundation.  This module will give you the tools & experience to express your most authentic self & your true desires in a way that creates more connection & intimacy.


Intimate Communication

How to share in a way that your partner can hear you.  How to listen in a way invites your partner out.  This module offers both concrete & practical tools, as well as delving into energetics of communication, how our BEing can have at least as much impact on a conversation as what we say.


EXPLORING THE Feminine & Masculine  

We all have both masculine & feminine energies in us.  At our essence, however, most of us tend more towards one or the other.  This module is a training on how to include the fullness of who we each are, as well as honoring the truth of our deep core essence.


Creating & Maintaining SEXUAL Polarity  

Polarity actually requires our differences!  It requires our powerful presence & full surrender; it requires strong leadership & deep devotion.  The practice of creating & maintaining polarity actually takes a lot of courage.  This module will guide you in to realms you may not generally go on your own.  We will lead the way into what it takes to have truly ecstatic intimacy.



Deep relating requires deep generosity.  The capacity & willingness to give beyond our comforts & habits.  To see & feel what our partner needs, perhaps more fully than they themselves can even see in a moment.  In order to live this truth, we must do the deep inner work that blocks us from giving and receiving love in the purest way