You’ll also learn

  • How to move past your habits of selfish expression and take responsibility for enlivening the love and spark in your relationships
  • How to lean into your partner’s complaint, aka "storm chasing"
  • How to evoke a deeper intimacy, even when you’re angry, hurt, jealous, or heart-broken
  • The qualities of the essential masculine and feminine poles - what they want and why the modern man and woman don’t often get it
  • How to artfully express your desires
  • How to take responsibility for your own self-nourishment so you don’t rely on your partner to nourish you
  • How to own your wants and needs without judgment and give them to your partner as a gift
  • How the masculine can bring the sacred art of command into his relationship with the feminine to open her body, bring her more pleasure, reveal chambers of her heart that she’s withheld, and liberate sexual energy that she's suppressed
  • Where taboos originate from in your nervous system and how to bring them into the realm of spiritual sexual practice in service of love
Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.
— Pablo Picasso

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