There are very few men willing to step so courageously into their fears and follow their life's purpose to the edge of the world with a wide-open, bleeding, vulnerable heart. John is amongst these few. Having worked with John for years, together as students, as teachers, and as friends, there is no element of this man that lacks truth, passion, or true love for what he does. His love extends far beyond himself and is available for every other life he touches. John's ability to see through the bullshit and offer guidance with a deep heart connection is the gift he brings to the world. John is an inspiration to me.  –Justin Patrick Pierce, Founder of Metaphysical Fitness



John Wineland is a true leader in the world of Men's work. A man so rare that I trust him to guide and advise me personally. He is a powerful coach and a leader within the coaching community.   John models a strength built on inner confidence and true vulnerability. He brings heart and courage and an incredible presence to his coaching.  He has an inspiring vision for the future of relationships and he is a natural leader that men - and women - look up to and learn from. He is a champion, a provider, a protector, and a loving father. If you are offered the opportunity, don't hesitate to learn from John.  –Rich Litvin, Life Coach, Author "The Prosperous Coach" Los Angeles, CA www.richlitvin.com


I have had the enriching experience of working with John for several years, along with several highly acclaimed personal development coaches. John has taken his rightful place among the world’s leaders of men's work and sexuality. He is a formidable coach, leader and visionary in this field. A man who leads and coaches by example — an individual who has done the deep work and continues to challenge and grow himself personally so that he can best serve his clients and the community.

John, and his work, are about heart and vulnerability, depth and integrity and manifesting personal power from this place. Most of all, John is about service — giving to his clients everything that they need to achieve their goals. It is a privilege to work with this man, to participate in his workshops and to be in his presence. He is an inspiration, a visionary; working with him will change your life. Dramatically.  –Stephen R. Bochner, M.D., Los Angeles CA 



My husband and I experienced a couples retreat with three other couples.  My husband and I went through big changes in our life after he retired from the police department.  We had to learn how to be in relationship with each other in a new way. John guided us on different way to communicate and ways to not only be heard, but to be felt.  He explained more about the masculine and feminine and how this polarity works in our marriage.  This made a lot of sense to me once it was explained and opened my eyes on how we can work on creating a deeper relationship with each other.  Our marriage has surely had it’s ups and downs in the last 11 years and as a result of taking 2 days to work with John, I am more hopeful and excited about our marriage and our future as individuals and as husband and wife.  –Jessica Morel, Conductor, Evansville, Indiana   www.jessicamorelconductor.com

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John Wineland is a true gift to this world and to anyone who is lucky enough to work with him.  If you’re willing to show up and do the brave and uncomfortable work that he so insightfully assigns, you will have no choice but to have a completely transformed open-hearted relationship full of love, connection (and sex)!  He’s a fiercely loving soul who is equally masterful at acknowledging you without judgment and at the same time challenging you to rise above your habitual cycle of assuming and reacting.   In only four sessions so far, it feels like my marriage has completely transformed - I feel loved, desired, heard, and satisfied in a whole new way by my husband, and I feel so much more equipped to express all of my emotions and the deep love I have for him.   –Kelly Ramon, Executive Coach, St. Louis, MO   www.kellyramon.com


John has been a revelation for me as a coach and mentor.  He has been offering me what I have sorely needed and hadn’t had the courage to develop until our work: my depth and my purpose as a man. The work itself is almost impossible to describe in a testimonial- I will say I have never been more present in all aspects of my life. This journey has been full of ritual, practice, stillness and reading works of substance.  Which has lead to an utterly new and inspired interaction with the feminine.  John’s work isn’t for everyone-just for those who crave a life of meaning, integrity and joy.  –Jamie Wollrab, Director/Producer, Los Angeles, CA 


Shazam!  It doesn't get any better than John Wineland.  In my opinion he's THE leading male teacher of relational practice and men's work.  He brings unparalleled expertise that only maturity and years of dedicated study can grant.  I've seen radical transformation (and I mean radical!) in his clients and I trust him, entirely. He walks his talk with deep integrity.  I emphatically recommend John if you want to rock your life and love with passionate purpose!  –Eva Clay, Intimacy Expert and Psychotherapist, Santa Monica, CA   www.EvaClay.com


When we first met, you struck me as a man who is grounded, intelligent and welcoming of life. Now that we have been working together for awhile, I can say that I was right and also that you are very modest. While being the things I describe, you are also a man of unassuming depth and purpose.  What I love about working with you is that our relationship did not begin with a hard sell or an overwhelming amount of service and then, once committed, become a hollow echo of that. The longer we have been in working relationship together, the more I have felt your commitment and your desire to serve me. Our work has continued to deepen and the journey has been much like that of falling in love.  Thank you for your service, John. I look forward to what has yet to come.   –John Morgan, Business and Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA   http://jpmorganjr.com/


John was able to help my husband and me during a challenging time. He enabled us to have far greater healing in four visits than our previous therapist in over a year. He truly cares and his honest compassion and recommendations for personal practice provided us the tools needed to grow on our own. I recommend him without reservation. –Jill Farfan, Architect, Los Angeles, CA   https://jafarfan.carbonmade.com


Thank you John, 
Thank you for showing me deeper levels that I can explore with.
Thank you for showing me how to lead with kindness, clarity and love.
Thank you for focusing me on focus.
Thank you for teaching me about myself.
Thank you for allowing me to be myself.
Thank you for making this world a better place.
Thank you for bringing so much awareness in me.
Thank you for your support in my path.
Thank you for coming to my life.
–Yaron Engler, Musician and Coach, London, UK   http://yaronengler.com/


John Wineland is an extremely impactful relationship coach and can speak into a woman's heart as well as a man's. He is a master at explaining, using analogies and creating experiences for us to OWN our role in the relationship and create opportunity for deeper more meaningful life experiences. His dedication for all of humanity to live in our truth and heal the planet one loving relationship at a time, beginning with ourselves.  John's decades of experience learning, practicing, and teaching is what drew me to share his work with my clients and experience it personally. His effectiveness and impact as a powerful coach is enhanced by his "no nonsense", direct, "gutsy" - while loving, delivery. He gets that to truly serve one, it may not necessarily please one. He operates from a place of dignity and grace as an extremely impactful leader. He moves those who choose in- in creating more, deeply fulfilling lives!! I highly recommend investing in yourself by going to any and all of John's Workshops, Experiences, and or coaching one on one with him. –Steph Levine Martini, Transformational Business/Life Coach, Phoenix, Arizona


John is a bad-ass.  He is deep, fierce, and loving; a combination that I strive for.  John has tremendously supported me with gaining clarity on my purpose in life, becoming a more embodied man, and expressing myself more truthfully in the world.  What I really appreciate about him is that he does not hold back, that he's spot on about how I close, and that he's a great leader.  In my experience, John is a trustworthy man who is very passionate about helping men live a more deep, rich, and open life.  His work is very powerful, and I highly recommend him.  –Michael Khachanov, Actor, Los Angeles, CA   http://khachanov.com/


John is one of those incredible men that when you come across you just know there's something different about him. And initially, it's hard to put your finger on. It might be his fierce love, or deep brotherhood & masculinity, or his ability to hold a space of non-judgment that just makes you feel safe. Whatever it is, words won't do it justice. It has to be felt.  I've received invaluable tools which I will continue to practice deepening for years to come. John helped me uncover qualities of myself that I always intuitively knew I had inside, but wanted access to. The man he's helped to uncover is one who is deeply rooted in his being, fills the room with his presence, open hearted, highly sexual, and above all, a killer for love. Knowing these qualities were within me the whole time (as with any man), John has helped me reconnect with these parts of myself.  What more can you ask of a teacher than to reveal to yourself more of who you really are?  As the saying goes- 'Know Thyself' my friend. Your investment will pay dividends.  – Tommy Jia, Senior Business Development Manager, Los Angeles, CA