Art of Loving Fiercely

New York



A 3-Day Advanced Practice Workshop INTO the Arts of Embodied Intimacy and Yogic Sexuality

In this co-ed 3-day immersion for singles and couples, you will learn to deepen and inspire passion in your relating both in and out of the bedroom. You will leave knowing how to create love, stir sexual energy, and evoke the depth of connection you’ve always craved.

Application is required. Priority is given to students who’ve already attended one of our workshops, or have previous experience in sexual polarity & intimacy work.


October 11-13 at Shio Studio in Brooklyn

Friday: 11am-10pm

Saturday: 11am-10pm

Sunday: 11am-6pm


“I am beyond grateful to John and his team for the work they do and the space they created for my wife and I to practice with them.

As people who lead busy and full lives, we are often both in our masculine and in our heads. John and his team gave us numerous practical experiences and tools to take home that address some of these habits and create awareness about the importance of polarity. During this weekend, we rekindled an energy and passion that lay hidden beneath the surface and often out of reach. The genie is back out of the box and we are both overjoyed!

- Shannon O.

“After this workshop I have a deeper understanding of myself and my partner.

I know the way we interact in life will be more understanding, peaceful and exciting! I recommend any couple to take a plunge in the deep and trust that your relationship will feel completely different at the end of it.” 

- Kristel D.

“This is the first time I've done such deep and personal work and at first I was really unsure what I had gotten myself into, especially showing up as a single

but John and his assistants held such a strong space and container for us that it was really easy to trust the process. I felt supported and I was able to access emotions at a deeper level than I have ever before. I learned so much about myself; my blocks, strengths, and patterns and it just made me (in true feminine form) want MORE! I know that this workshop and specifically John's accessible and open-hearted guidance has set me on a path of continuous learning about the power and beauty of the masculine and feminine within me and in my relationships.

- Claire L.


Step into a new paradigm of relationship; one based on mutual worship, sexual gifting and the fullest expression of your deepest desires.


  • Learn how to communicate deep desires in a way that evokes passion and presence in him

  • Learn how to run pleasure through your body that is irresistible to the masculine

  • Learn to create a deep relationship with your own yearning heart and desire to be cherished and ravished

  • Learn to offer your heart in any moment, in a way that not only feels deeply authentic, but also creates more intimacy, even when you're angry, hurt, jealous or heart-broken

  • Master the art of sexual polarity in any moment

  • Learn to reveal and gift taboo desires and dark sexual energy in service of love


  • Learn how to lead your relationship powerfully from a place of embodied integrity and love

  • Learn the physical and meditative practices that make you more trustable as a lover and romantic partner

  • Learn to take your sex to a deeper level by mastering the arts of polarity and masculine leadership

  • Learn to use presence, depth and power to claim your partner’s heart, body and soul

  • Learn how to transmute your partner's complaint into divine surrender

  • Learn how to master the art of command and make the exploration of dark sexual energy a sacred and sublime experience

For LGBTQ Practitioners:

This workshop is designed to help you stretch into the innate masculine and feminine energetics that all humans possess, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

You will learn:

  • How either of you can deepen the sexual moment by holding the structure and direction while the other partner amplifies the energy

  • How to move fluidly and artfully between the masculine and feminine dynamics in any moment

  • How to create conscious connection from the deepest expression of your heart, even through an ever-evolving expression of your Self

  • How to open the full range of spiritual possibilities in any sexual moment 

$1800 single // $3400 couple

Because our events sell out early and require meticulous monitoring of numbers of attendees, we do not issue refunds. Instead, in the event of an emergency, please contact us ASAP, and if appropriate, we will transfer your credit to another workshop or program within the next year. Any cancellations less than 10 days prior to the event will forfeit full tuition. Thank you for your understanding.