THE Embodied Women’s Relationship Immersion 



Working with you is like diving to the bottom of a dark, deep, beautiful ocean while holding someone’s hand. I am grateful to know you, John Wineland.
— Lauren B.

  • Learn to source your leadership from the deepest space of your heart

  • Learn how to communicate deep desires in a way that evokes passion and presence from your lover

  • Learn to artfully create boundaries, fully owning your Yes’s and No’s in a way that inspires and serves those around you

  • Learn to create a deep relationship with your own yearning heart and desire to be cherished and ravished

  • Learn to offer your heart in any moment, in a way that not only feels deeply authentic, but also creates more intimacy, even when you're angry, hurt, jealous or heart-broken

  • Master the energetics of sexual polarity to create passion in any moment

  • Learn to reveal and gift taboo desires and dark sexual energy in service of love

  • Learn to cultivate a sacred masculine that serves your relationship, your children and the world

  • Learn to use your pleasure and desire as a magnetic force to attract and evoke the best in the masculine

  • Experience having a deep and powerful 9-month container to cultivate your deepest desires in life and in love

Your voice, your work and transmission is so so needed John. Women of this world need you. The clarity, truth and trustability of your transmission penetrates deeply in the psyche - it hits at an angle inside that can’t be ignored. I have experienced and witnessed this. It is getting stronger and more powerful. Please don’t underestimate. You are a crucial piece to this awakening.
— Natalie G.


  • 15 Live Video Conference Calls—Each Focused on a Principle of Embodied Depth and Practice

  • 3 In-depth Embodied Women’s Weekend Immersions That Will Take Your Personal Practice, Relationships and Leadership to the Next Level Including a Private Co-ed Immersion with the Men of the 2019 Embodied Men’s Leadership Training

  • Access to Video and Audio Library That Includes Dozens of Meditations & Workshop Content

  • Exclusive, Personalized Feminine and Co-ed Practices to Deepen Your Relationship to Yourself, The Masculine and the World

  • Hands-on Feedback and Training to Help You to Develop Your Own Offering

  • Private Facebook Page and Monthly Peer Check-In Groups to Stay Connected to a Sacred Space of Women


The weekend, this work, is difficult to put into words for good reason, and why I believe it is so important for everyone to try.

I experienced an awakening of the wisdom within my body and my heart. We stepped out of our personal stories and connected to the truth of what it means to be a woman, both the light and the dark, with intuition, yearning, and desire and most of all deeper connectedness to all that is.
— Kate D.
ERWI 2018 was an opportunity to discover the deepest truth of my heart - its hidden wisdom and inner essence. The work we did together was deeply honest. It gave me a clear conscience and the desire to reveal and express what was most important to me. This, in itself, raised my vibrations and allowed me to discover a newfound truth and love on a higher level - way beyond I ever imagined!
— Jo S.




Thursday, March 21- Sunday, March 24



Friday, August 2 - Sunday, August 4

Combined EWRI/EMLT Private Intensive



Reflections Yoga

Thursday, September 12 - Sunday, September 15


There will be an additional Peer-Led Small Group Call on the 2nd Monday of every month to be scheduled once the group starts.

Thursday, February 28 11am-1pm PT - Kick-off Call

Thursday, March 14 11am-1pm PT

Intensive: Thursday, March 21- Sunday, March 24 (Santa Monica)

Thursday, March 28 11am-1pm PT

Thursday, April 4 11am-1pm PT

Thursday, April 18 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, April 24 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, May 9 11am-1pm PT

Thursday, May 23 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, May 29 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, June 6 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, June 12 - 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, June 27 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, July 10 - 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, July 18 11am-1pm PT

Intensive: Friday, August 2 - Sunday, August 4 - Combined EWRI/EMLT Private Intensive (Los Angeles)

Thursday, August 8 11am-1pm PT

Thursday, August 22 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, August 28 - 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Intensive: Thursday, September 12 - Sunday, September 15 (New York)

Thursday, October 10 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, October 16 - 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, October 24 11am-1pm PT

Thursday, November 7 11am-1pm PT - Final Call



*Intensive travel, lodging and meals not included