Working with John and his amazing team was a pivotal point in my life. The sheer brilliance of the love-light that was generated in my heart from the work we did is spilling over into every day I live. I breathe deeper; I stand taller, more grounded, more present and more intentional in my stance. I see the world now as though a filter of haze has been lifted, feeling intense clarity and dedication to purpose in love and truth. I left with immense gratitude and respect in my heart, and a deep desire to serve the world in service of love.
— Felix H

What to expect: 

  • Use the 9-month container of impeccability to sharpen your consciousness and clarify your mission in the world

  • Learn how to lead your relationship powerfully from a place of embodied integrity and love

  • Learn how to manifest your deepest purpose from the core of who you are as a man

  • Learn the physical and meditative practices that make you more trustable as a leader, lover and presence in the world

  • Learn to take your sex to a deeper level by mastering the art of sexual polarity

  • Learn to use presence, depth and power to claim your partner’s heart, body and soul

  • Learn how to master the art of command and make the exploration of dark sexual energy a sacred and sublime experience

  • Learn how to bring the skills of embodied masculine leadership to all aspects of your life

  • Experience having a deep and powerful 9-month container to cultivate your deepest purpose

The 11 Precepts of the embodied mens leadership Training

The Warrior is ruthlessly honest with himself while being kind to others

 The Warrior cultivates impeccability in his presence, his environment, his way of being and his way in the world

 The Warrior prioritizes the creation of an unshakable tether to consciousness, stillness and depth

 The Warrior is committed to feeling deeply, rather than numbing or succumbing to comfort or addiction

 The Warrior takes 100% responsibility for the reality he has created—seeking what needs to be changed in him before blaming others

 The Warrior is committed to developing strength of the mind, physical body and nervous system through dedicated physical, yogic and meditative practice

 The Warrior consciously practices the cultivation of wonder and awe

 The Warrior honors and protects the feminine, both in himself, in women and children, and in the world

 The Warrior is always deepening, always a student—seeking other men and teachers who will slay his ego and sharpen his consciousness

 The Warrior is continuously refining his deepest purpose through dedicated time in solitude and in the company of other men

 The Warrior makes death an ally, using it to sharpen his present actions, future plans and current state of being

I came to the weekend because I wanted nourishment, but what I got was far, far more than that. I cracked me open in ways I’ve never experienced. It was the most powerful experience I’ve had in all the men’s work I’ve done to date. It was just what I needed. I came feeling needy in my relationships but over the weekend I healed my relationship with the feminine. My neediness that ran back to childhood. I found my sense of power and being complete in who I am and a new way to relate to my wife and the feminine as a whole. I can see where I’ve not shown up in my relationships and take total responsibility for that. I am clearer about what I want in life as whole and it’s bigger than my relationship. Previously I put so much pressure on my relationship to make me fulfilled. I’ve learned so much from the weekend. I’ve learned to love such a deeper more powerful way. I’ve learned to take responsibility in relationships. I’ve learned it’s not the words I say to my wife that make the difference, it’s my energy I show up with. I’ve learned that I am OK whatever happens. It’s an empowering place to be.
— Russell D
Choose men friends who themselves are living at their edge, facing their fears and living just beyond them. Men of this kind can love you without protecting you from the necessary confrontation with reality that your life involves. You should be willing to trust these men will tell you about your life as they see it, offer you a specific action which will shed light on your own position, and give you the support necessary to live in the freedom just beyond your edge, which is not always, or even usually easy.
— David Deida
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Working with John has changed my life. John is creating a new paradigm for men to lead, feel, love and express themselves in their work, lives and relationships.
— Mike M
Thank you, John, for helping me be more centered, find more joy and be a more grounded man with a new light and purpose in the world.



Mount Shasta

Thursday, May 2 - Sunday, May 5


Santa Monica

Friday, August 2 - Sunday, August 4




Thursday, October 31 - Monday, November 4



There will be an additional Peer-Led Small Group Call on the 4th Monday of every month to be scheduled once the group starts.

Wednesday, August 21 - 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, August 29 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, September 11 - 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, September 19 11am-1pm PT

Thursday, October 3 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, October 9 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, October 17 11am-1pm PT

Intensive: Thursday, October 31 - Monday, November 4 - EMLT Private Intensive (Death Valley)

Thursday, November 14 11am-1pm PT

Thursday, December 5 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, December 11 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, December 19 11am-1pm PT - Final Call

Thursday, April 11 11am-1pm PT - Kick Off Call

Thursday, April 25 11am-1pm PT

Intensive: Thursday, May 2 - Sunday, May 5 (Mount Shasta)

Thursday, May 16 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, May 22 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, May 30 11am-1pm PT

Thursday, June 13 11am-1pm PT

Wednesday, June 26 11am-12pm PT - Optional Office Hours Call

Thursday, July 11 11am-1pm PT

Thursday, July 25 11am-1pm PT

Intensive: Friday, August 2 - Sunday, August 4 - Combined EMLT/EWRI Private Intensive (Santa Monica)

Thursday, August 15 11am-1pm PT



*Intensive travel, lodging and meals not included