The Embodied Women's Weekend Intensives


A 3-day exploration into the art of loving and leading from your deepest heart, a deep dive into your unique feminine essence

are you craving

  • To communicate your desires in a way that inspires and enlivens your partner?

  • To express your deepest heart fully?

  • To lead from your intuitive feminine essence?

  • To forge richer intimacy with yourself, the masculine and the world?

John walks the talk and embodies the practices he is teaching. He is a visionary whose passion for the deep work is felt just by being in his presence. He is able to integrate the alchemical, yogic practices with deep psychological work so his teaching is truly received as transmission
— Aida Mysan

What you'll experience

  • meditation and embodiment practices to help you bring more love to the moment

  • deep inner work that reveals your truest heart

  • an inspired understanding of embodied feminine leadership

  • the pleasure of conducting love through your body

  • the cultivation and refinement of your unique feminine gifts

  • the practices to create a healthy and sacred relationship with your own essential masculine

  • a confident understanding of what the masculine craves

There is not a more dramatic force on the planet than the unfettered flow of love from a wide open feminine heart

I have a very very deep resonance with John and completely trust him as a teacher.
— Donna Hadjikhani, Interior Designer



Friday April 27th - Sunday April 29th 2018

Friday 7-10PM, Saturday 11AM-10PM, Sunday 11AM-6PM



Friday August 24th - Sunday August 26th

Friday 7-10PM, Saturday 11AM-10PM, Sunday 11AM-6PM

Because our events sell out early and require meticulous monitoring of numbers of attendees, we do not issue refunds. Instead, in the event of an emergency, please contact us ASAP, and if appropriate, we will transfer your credit to another workshop or program within the next year. Any cancellations less than 10 days prior to the event will forfeit full tuition. Thank you for your understanding.